Conservative ‘priority list’ triggers diversity warning from EOC

The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has told political parties to avoid purely cosmetic changes to aid diversity after the Conservatives announced a ‘priority list’ for parliamentary candidates, which includes more than 50% female and 10% black and minority ethnic candidates.

The list has been drawn up in case the government calls for a snap general election.

Jenny Watson, chair of the EOC, said David Cameron should be congratulated for addressing the under-representation of Conservative women in parliament.

“To address the concerns of both men and women, however, they – and every other political party – must think further about what lies behind their outward face,” she said.

“Our research proves that policies which support parents and carers and help people achieve a better work-life balance are high on voters’ list of priorities.

“Whoever gets this right will have the keys to number 10 after the next election,” Watson added.



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