Continual assessment is critical to leadership

The need to find, nurture and develop future leaders is at a critical stage as former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev rightly stated in ‘Leaders united on need for change’ (Personnel Today, 25 October).

The net must be cast far and wide to find the ‘new vision’ that he says is required in today’s business situation. A potential leader’s ability to lead in the new world order should be assessed not just at the start of their career or when they’ve climbed to a suitable management position, but throughout, ensuring that tomorrow’s leaders are nurtured and not overlooked.

Building up a knowledge bank on all employees is a sure-fire way of winning the war on talent and ensuring that a leadership pipeline exists that can meet ever-changing business demands.

Leadership isn’t something that happens overnight. It needs to be systematically identified and developed early on. </P>

Mike Tims
Head of assessment

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