Corporate IT system may not fit HR needs

Mike Theaker’s assertion that PeopleSoft clients will begin a rethink of their system strategy, will not surprise many of its customers (Personnel Today, 18 January). A high-profile takeover always leaves customers questioning what the future holds and how to deal with the likely impact.

This is not to say that HR departments should necessarily search for a new software supplier, but they should re-assess original objectives and consider if they still apply.

The most important question HR should now ask is whether the HR function has benefited from the corporate system approach. Is it easy to get to information about your staff? Can your provider respond quickly to new requirements and do they understand your needs?

Each business area should receive the best tool for its job – not a compromise suited to the needs of other departments. Most business areas have numerous subtleties in their needs which may only be understood by a specialist vendor in their field.

I wouldn’t suggest getting together a budget just yet, but it might pay to look at what else is on offer and make sure, with any software decision, that HR is involved from the outset.

Michael Richards
Chief executive, Snowdrop Systems


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