Course aims to reach parts CIPD misses

A new business-focused qualification for senior HR practitioners is being launched with the aim of “filling in the pieces that are missing” from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualification.

The new course, due to launch in September this year, has been developed by the International School of Human Capital Management, run by consultancy Valuentis.

Nicholas Higgins, dean of the school, said the course would focus on practical experience rather than theory, and would give HR practitioners a better understanding of the business context in which they work.

“The CIPD qualification is a useful grounding, but the coursework is mainly academic, whereas our syllabus focuses on application and evidence,” said Higgins.

Topics covered in the course – which is customised for public and private sector participants – include corporate governance business strategy and finance and how business models affect workforce planning.

The 12-month course, which has a mandatory continuing professional development element, is open to both CIPD members and non-members. Higgins believes it will be particularly useful to those transferring into HR from other business functions.

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