Court dressing down could put wigmakers out of work

proposals to ‘dress down’ courtroom attire could put many jobs on the line.

government consultation paper – which included a list of alternatives to the
wig and gown, such as pinstripe suits – may have been triggered by recent
comments made by Lord Irvine of Lairg regarding the discomfort of wearing his
ceremonial wig, writes the Independent.

hundred craftsmen and women are estimated to work in the UK’s legal wig-making
industry. If the proposals lead to the abolition of the wig, a number of them
could lose their jobs.

Sargant, proprietor of Thresher and Glenny in Chancery Lane – one of three
leading legal outfitters, said: “The average person who wants their day in
court expects a bit of formality.

and judges looked so much more elegant in wigs and gowns. Why does Lord Irvine
want to interfere with a tradition that has been working quite satisfactorily
for hundreds of years?”

By Nadia Williams

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