Court ruling paves way for easier unlawful pay deductions claims

employees will be better able to pursue claims over allegedly unlawful pay
deductions following a tribunal ruling this week.

the new rules, employment tribunals must investigate and decide whether
claimants have been overpaid or taken part in industrial action.

tribunal decisions had meant that employment tribunals could not hear
employees’ claims where employers simply alleged that the claimants had been
overpaid or had taken part in industrial action. 

meant that employees’ claims had to be brought in the County Court, an
expensive and complex procedure.

union Amicus, which brought the case, said that as well as establishing an
important principle, the decision would also encourage more employees to
challenge unlawful deductions, using the tribunal’s more simple and effective

Hirsch, director of legal services at Amicus, said: "We are delighted that
the principle has been changed – that will enable more workers to challenge
incorrect deductions made by their employers.”

By Daniel Thomas

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