TUC vows to fight job cuts in Civil Service

TUC has branded the proposed 104,000 job cuts in the Civil Service as ‘neither
necessary nor acceptable’.

Gordon Brown has earmarked massive cuts in the service, largely in back-office
positions, to slash government spending.

the TUC has rejected what it calls an artificial distinction between frontline
and back-office functions in the public sector.

TUC General Council released a statement, which said: "Providing
high-quality public services is a co-operative effort. The regulation of the
private sector is also an essential role of Government in a civilized society.

General Council agrees to fully support the campaign of the civil service
unions to defend the jobs of their members, the public services they provide
and public access to those services; to oppose compulsory redundancies,
privatisation, and casualisation; and to ensure redeployment and retraining for
all those who wish to do so."

By Michael Millar

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