CPS will not face racism investigation

Commission for Racial Equality has decided not to carry out an investigation
into racism at the Crown Prosecution Service.

CRE has cancelled its planned formal investigation because it believes the CPS
has made "clear progress" in changing its culture after the
organisation was deemed institutionally racist last year.

equality body is to work in partnership with the CPS to ensure that the
organisation operates non-discriminatory recruitment, selection and promotion
policies and check that procedures are properly implemented.

will also ensure that complaints of race discrimination, harassment or bullying
are handled fairly, that progress is made on grievance and employment tribunal
cases and that the representation of ethnic minority groups at all employment
levels across the country continues to improve.

Bernard, acting chairwoman of the CRE, said: "We have worked closely with
the CPS over the last four years to address issues of racial discrimination
within the organisation. Much progress has been made and the CPS continues to
provide us with evidence that the actions it is taking are addressing our major

am pleased to continue to work with the CPS on these employment matters. We
have also discussed working together on areas outside the remit of the formal
investigation, and in particular, aspects of its work relating to the
prosecution of racially aggravated crimes, incitement to racial hatred, deaths
in custody and other sensitive areas of work. These aspects of its work will be
reviewed early under the Race Equality Scheme it has drawn up under the revised
race relations legislation."

By Paul Nelson

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