CRE urges SMEs to tackle race and benefit bottom line

Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) has warned small- and medium-sized
enterprises (SMEs) that failing to implement race relations legislation will
have a negative impact on their business.

the annual Federation of Small Businesses conference in Blackpool, CRE chairman
Trevor Phillips said: "We recognise that smaller businesses face
particular challenges, especially in the form of limited resources and time

understand that, despite good intentions, racial equality often comes a long
way down the list of priorities for smaller businesses. But the last thing any
of us want is for you to fall foul of the Race Relations Act and be subjected
to costly legal proceedings," he said

went on to announce a new CRE guide, sponsored by HSBC bank and the Post
Office, to help smaller businesses weed out racial discrimination and promote
equality of opportunity. 

CD-Rom can be downloaded from

By Mike Berry

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