CSR failing to make it onto most company agendas

out of 10 UK companies do not have corporate social responsibility (CSR)
strategies, according to a survey published today.

poll of 277 organisations by The Work Foundation shows that a third have never
thought about a CSR strategy.

total of three in 10 firms currently have a CSR strategy and 11 per cent plan
to introduce one in the future.

out of 10 of the firms with, or planning to introduce a CSR strategy, said that
it is important to create a positive image.

believe it builds a positive relationship with stakeholders, while 68 per cent
want to give something back to the community.

Blackwell, policy specialist at The Work Foundation, said: “The number of
organisations currently lacking a strategic approach to CSR indicates that
social responsibility is often, or has often been, seen as an ad hoc activity
rather than a strategic priority.

socially-responsible approach needs to be more than an ‘add-on’ if it is to
deliver benefits to an organisation and its stakeholders.”

By Paul Nelson

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