Cundall has bought HR software from Snowdrop

Cundall, the expanding multi-disciplinary engineering firm, has bought HR software from Snowdrop to consolidate employee information and reduce administration.

Cundall currently employs over 500 personnel worldwide: 400 in the UK and a further 100 internationally.

It has five offices in the UK and overseas offices in Spain, Australia, China and the Middle East. Future overseas expansion is planned over the next five years.

Cundall’s UK HR team will implement Snowdrop’s Evergreen software, to manage data relating to the global workforce.

The Australian HR team will have Snowdrop installed locally at its offices, with customised integration between the two systems.

Prior to selecting Snowdrop, Cundall ran a basic in-house HR database from its intranet that was supplemented by data held across Excel spreadsheets.

This made accessing and analysing any HR information very time-consuming. Rapid growth also increased the need for a comprehensive HR system.

Carole O’Neil, HR Director for Cundall, anticipates that Snowdrop will bring immeasurable time-savings, through freeing up comprehensive HR information and providing it in a more accessible format.

Additionally, the system will assist with legislative compliance within the UK and overseas.

Reporting will also be dramatically improved with Snowdrop Reports in key areas such as absence, turnover and equal opportunities.

O’Neil comments: “We will no longer have to manually extract data every time we want to run a report, which will save us hours.” 


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