Curo+: accelerated learning – tangible results

The single biggest issue for most organisations is time – or lack of it.  Curo plus logo 150x73

Be it due to down-sizing or expansion most companies are resource-poor and yet expectations are increasing. 

Developing management skills to deal with new challenges can no longer take the obvious route of two and three day workshops – time-poor organisations need changes in behaviour and improved critical thinking skills but the route to success needs to be quicker.

Curo+ has worked with a number of Blue Chip organisations to develop Management Mini-Modules. 

Each Mini-Module lasts 90-120 minutes and is dedicated to a key topic.

The Mini-Module conveys an idea, gives an interactive example of how to apply it and each participant gets a ‘take-away’ that they can practically apply in their own business environment.

Feedback so far has been that the single take-away from a mini-module is often as much and as powerful as the output from a three-day workshop – at considerably less cost in terms of management resource.

The Mini-Module can be run in-house or as an open session.  In either case a Mini-Module Day consists of three or four mini modules run by Curo+ professionals – all Consultants with many years experience of business, consulting and management development. 

Each Mini-Module can be attended by up to 20 participants. A participant can attend all four Mini-Modules but equally the company can put up to 80 colleagues through the programme – a phenomenally quick and easy way of exposing a large audience to the very latest management thinking and techniques.

Curo+ is offering mini-modules in open session format.  Two sessions have currently been scheduled for the 26th January 2006 and 9th March 2006 in London.  Each day will have four mini-modules; ranging from ‘Decision-Making’ and ‘Convincing & Influencing’ to ‘Coaching for Results’ and ‘Managing People in Projects’. 

Participants will be able to take advantage of one to four mini modules.  Companies that would like to take advantage of accelerated learning for tangible results, should contact Curo+ at  or +44 (0)1628 486 048

Curo Plus Ltd is a division of Curo Consulting Ltd – an international consulting organisation with a track record of delivering operational and strategic success by developing processes and the people who manage those processes.  Run by a team of experienced business, consulting and training experts, Curo+ aims to help businesses drive the internal skill base with a focus on specific business kpi’s and objectives; hard itting management development designed to achieve tangible results.



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