Daily grind wears down employee enthusiasm

Most employees want to be more
productive, but feel too bogged down in day-to-day tasks, reveals a survey.

On an average working
day, 54 per cent of workers said they were only reasonably productive,
suggesting they are not realising their full potential.

Almost six in 10 employees said
being in control of their work-life balance was a crucial factor affecting
their productivity.

And nearly two-thirds admitted
they would be more inclined to apply for a job with an employer who provided
flexible working opportunities.

The poll was carried out by the
Survey Shop on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry.

Nine out of 10 employers agreed
that people worked best when they could balance their work and other aspects of
their lives.

But the poll suggests that 83
per cent of workers would be more committed to their company if it helped them
realise their full workplace potential.

A range of business support
materials and advice been developed by the DTI to help employers take steps to
address productivity and employee engagement.

Employers are being encouraged
to use best practice methods of working in HR, work organisation and employee

High-performance businesses
with high productivity levels typically have staff who feel they are a valued part of the

They also tend to have
effective management and a high level of employee involvement – as well as
flexible working, and good training.

Guidance on recruiting and
retaining a skilled, diverse and committed workforce can be found at www.dti.gov.uk/bestpractice

By Johann Tasker



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