Data mine: The Ageing Workforce

Data mine: The Ageing Workforce

The Employers Forum on Age

Independent network of leading employers, which recognise
the business value of attracting experienced employees irrespective of their
Find out about campaigns and events, keep up-to-date with related
legislation such as the Age Discrimination Act, and join up yourself.

Age Positive

Online presence of the Age Positive team, which works
within the Department for Work and Pensions to promote the benefits of a
mixed-age workforce.
The website features case studies, useful facts and
figures, details on the New Deal 50 Plus, and a list of useful publications.


Work-life balance and jobs website for those aged 50 and over. Employers can
click through to a special section in the jobs area and take a tour. If you are
looking for experience, then it’s worth checking out (it claims 70,000 users).
It also carries an exclusive database of interim managers.


Information service from the Centre for Policy on Ageing.
Features the most comprehensive set of links on the subject
of ageing that we came across.
They are not all employment related, but
many make valuable bookmarks.


Roundtable debate on age and retirement, led by South West
Trains HR director, Beverley Shears.

Interview with pensions minister Malcolm Wicks focusing on employing older

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