Data Protection for the HR Manager

Data Protection for the HR Manager
Author: Mandy Webster
Publisher: Gower Publishing
Pages: 160
Price: £49.95
ISBN: 0566085968
Reviewed by: Linda Hollingworth


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This useful book offers explanations of the principles of the Data Protection Act, together with examples of how these may be interpreted in the HR function. It is well-written and functional.

The book is in two parts:

  • Part 1 looks at HR activities and highlights the data protection implications of each. The author offers suggested action points, which provide a useful checklist for compliance audits. Draft wordings for notices and statements are also included in this section.
  • Part 2 considers each of the Data Protection Principles from a legal perspective, providing a technical view of the requirements. This is a helpful format, enabling HR managers to work through all eight principles of the Act and relate them to specific HR functions.

This short, easy-to-follow book brings the Data Protection Act to life for HR practitioners. It asks pertinent questions such as: ‘What happens to the CVs of unsuccessful candidates in the recruitment process?’

Mandy Webster has produced a useable, relevant guide for HR managers – definitely worth keeping to hand as a reference manual.

Useful? ****
Well-written? ****
Practical? ****
Inspirational? ***
Value for money? *** 

Linda Hollingworth is a senior HR consultant with Essex County Council

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