David Cameron plans to cut MP salaries by up to 25% if Tories elected

Conservative leader David Cameron has revealed plans to cut ministers’ pay if the Tories are elected to power, according to the Guardian.

One senior Tory source said a pay cut as high as 25% was being discussed, which could cost figures such as William Hague and George Osborne nearly £20,000 a year.

If Cameron goes ahead with the 25% plan, he would face a personal loss of £33,000 to £164,549. Junior ministers would be £7,000 worse off, while senior figures would miss out on £19,938.50.

Cabinet ministers currently receive £79,754 in ministerial entitlement on top of their MP’s salary of £64,766 – a total of £144,520. If salaries were cut by a quarter, Cabinet members would be paid £124,581.50.

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