Delivery drivers for Currys and Dixons complain about deteriorating work conditions

Owner-drivers working for high-street electrical stores Currys and Dixons have spoken out against deteriorating working conditions and lack of training.

The drivers, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed the stores no longer paid them for deliveries if customers were not at home or if goods were returned.

The group alleged that they were also being made to install washing machines, dishwashers and fridge-freezers with little experience and for no extra pay.

One driver told Commercial Motor magazine: “Its taking an awful lot more time out of our day and we aren’t being paid any extra for it. If someone paid a plumber to install a washing machine, it would be £30 an hour.”

Another driver said: “We haven’t had any skills training, we are not qualified.

A spokesperson for DSGi, parent company of the stores, would not comment on the allegations, but said it is “happy to discuss any outstanding issues that drivers may have”.

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