Desktop regime to boost fitness

A firm is training its 1,500 staff to be as fit as Halle Berry and Pierce
Brosnan – without having to leave their desks.

Huntswood Outsourcing Solutions has hired personal trainer Simon Waterson –
who helped Oscar-winner Berry and 007 Brosnan to shape up for the latest James
Bond film – to devise a desk-based fitness programme for its 1,500 consultants.

Huntswood chief executive David Brownlow hopes the initiative will encourage
staff to workout at their desks, using a series of simple exercises.

Brownlow said the programme can easily be undertaken by ‘desk potatoes’ and
hopes the company’s clients will also be interested in giving the workout a go.

To create the desk-based programme, Waterson adapted a fitness regime he
developed for two transatlantic rowers, being sponsored by Huntswood, to allow
them to exercise in the confines of their boat.

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