Global draft code released on stress

A detailed global draft code of practice on reducing violence and stress
suffered by service industry staff has been released by the International
Labour Organisation (ILO).

The United Nations agency’s guidelines include notes on assessing risks to
employees, identifying situations and jobs particularly under threat, and
recognising signals that indicate violence may become a problem, or that a
worker is suffering from stress.

The ILO claims the problems are a "threat to productivity and decent
work". It suggests ways of recording and notifying such problems, as well
as developing strategies to tackle violence and workplace stress.

This includes training, improving the working environment and organisation,
medical and other care, grievance and disciplinary procedures, respecting
privacy and confidentiality.

A preface said service industries were particularly at risk because of their
direct contact with the public, noting that problems were suffered by taxi
drivers, emergency services, nurses, teachers, hotel staff, entertainers and
other transport workers.

The European Commission launched the first stage of a written consultation
with employers and trade unions on work-related stress earlier this year.


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