Deutsche Bank seeks ‘flexible’ employer brand

Deutsche Bank plans more movement of staff across divisions and countries
and the introduction of an internal headhunter, after a survey revealed that
students saw the company as conservative and hierarchical.

The survey, last autumn, of 1,200 high potential students in 50 universities
worldwide showed the bank scored well against its competitors in most criteria.
However, it was perceived as poor at encouraging creativity and its German
parentage was viewed negatively in most countries.

"In all countries except the US we are seen as German in a negative
sense of the word," director of strategic talent Michael Reutenberg said,
referring to the bank’s conservative reputation.

Reutenberg is leading an initiative to strengthen the bank’s employer brand
and global presence by giving staff more opportunities to move within the

This year Deutsche Bank will run worldwide employer of choice focus groups
aimed at understanding the perception of employer brand internally. It will
also develop a talent database to improve the transparency of talented staff
across divisions and regions.

An internal headhunter and talent scouts will be introduced to offer staff
more options.

The survey found that the top priority for high-potential students was for a
challenging job.

This was followed by good atmosphere, promotion and career opportunities,
engaging content of work and chances to implement their own ideas.

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