Deutsche Bank steps up e-mail snooping

Deutsche Bank is planning to ramp up staff e-mail monitoring, in an effort to reduce the risk of compliance breaches.

The firm has invited tenders for an e-mail monitoring system that will scan messages for content and flag potential compliance abuses.

Andrew Proctor, Deutsche Bank’s head of compliance in Britain and Western Europe, told Reuters: “[After] discussion between compliance and senior management we see it as prudent to monitor our risk to reduce the risk of breaches.”

He said that the new system will check for certain keywords in e-mail traffic on particular transactions, or between particular groups of staff, or e-mails at particular times.

Deutsche Bank is still awaiting the result of an investigation in 2004 by the Financial Services Authority into an employee who was suspected of using e-mail to give a misleading impression about how well a sale of Scania AB shares had gone.

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