Develop Your Training Skills by Leslie Rae

Develop Your Training Skills by Leslie Rae aims to equip those who are new to training with the knowledge and skills to make a successful start in the profession.

Develop Your Training Skills
By Leslie Rae
Publisher Kogan Page
Pages: 190 Price: £16.99 ISBN 0 7494 3591 7 Reviewed by Catherine Barron
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Written in easy-to-understand language, it succeeds in answering all of the questions posed by a new trainer and describes what may lie ahead.

Pragmatically, it sets the scene that it is impossible to learn everything at once and that mistakes, while inevitable, can be viewed as positive learning experiences. Questions surrounding the role of a trainer are considered first with a step-by-step action plan to getting started.

The book contains a comprehensive description of approaches, techniques and aids. Traditional methods are covered along with modern advances such as online training.

In fewer than 200 pages, Rae covers a wide range of topics including how to use training aids and deciding which activities should be used in a training event. He discusses different approaches objectively, providing a balanced view of the advantages and disadvantages of each method. The skills employed within these are fully explored, and comprehensive guidance is given on how to apply the techniques.

Checklists are provided throughout the book as a handy tool giving guidance and direction.

In addition to describing the various methods and techniques involved, it also effectively deals with the biggest concern of most new trainers – how to cope successfully with trainees!

The book combines the right amount of theory with practical hints and tips. It also introduces simple models of communication and motivation, such as Maslow, in the right amount of detail, providing essential strategies for dealing with different types of behaviour in the training environment.

Pitched at the correct level of an audience who are new to the training arena, Leslie Rae shares expert advice based on tried and tested experience.

Develop Your Training Skills provides an excellent foundation to the knowledge and the skills required to be an effective trainer.

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Catherine Barron is a training consultant at Intelligent Finance, part of the Halifax group. In her final year of study for CIPD qualification, her reading is restricted to Rosemary Harrison’s Employee Development book and Michael Armstrong’s Employee Reward

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