New guide to improve work-life balance for hospitality staff

The hospitality industry is looking to improve work-life
balance for employees working in the sector through the launch of a new guide.

The Hotel and Catering Management Association (HCIMA) has
been working with the work-life balance team at the DTI to produce the guide
which they hope will raise awareness of the business benefits of improved
flexible working.

The guide includes evidence from a range of employers within
the sector, demonstrating how more flexible policies can be mutually beneficial
to firms and employees.

“The hospitality industry does not always receive a good
press in relation to its HR practices, but this publication shows that some
employers in our industry are leading the way,” said research director, Liz

“This is the first industry specific guide to be produced
for the private sector and it contains practical advice based on real
experiences in our sector.”

Topics covered include the barriers to female progression,
increased opportunities for the disabled, race awareness and problems facing
transsexuals in the workplace.

By Ross Wigham

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