Development scheme launched for HR pros in NHS

Association of Healthcare Human Resource Management (AHHRM), and recruitment
consultancies Tribal GWT and Kingsway, have joined in partnership to provide a
development programme for aspiring HR practitioners in the NHS – ‘NHS HR

programme will seek to recruit approximately six HR practitioners with up to
five years’ experience in the NHS, who are either studying for, or have
obtained, their CIPD qualification. The programme will include a combination of
study days, ‘action’ learning and attendance at major HR events.

Way, president of AHHRM, said: “This programme is part of AHHRM’s contribution
to producing excellence in HR in the NHS, and is specifically aimed at finding
the HR directors of tomorrow."

of the successful candidates will take place in August. The programme will run
for one year and will require about 10 days out of work.

details and advice on applications will be available on the AHHRM website.

By Mike Berry

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