Disinfectant trade cleaning up during foot and mouth

Business is booming for disinfectant manufacturers as the
foot and mouth crisis continues to sweep the country.

Suppliers of cleaning products are working overtime to meet
the demand from farmers.

The British Association of Chemical Specialities (BACS)
confirmed that three major suppliers of disinfectant  – Antec International, Coventry Chemicals and Evans Vanodine have
been flooded with orders.

 “These companies
have been working day and night plus weekends to cope with the orders. However,
the demand is starting to ease now,” said Richard Farn, director of BACS.

Lancashire-based firm Evans Vanodine, which employs 120
staff, has transferred four temporary workers to full-time work to meet the

“We’ve had people working until midnight. I would say that
we’ve had about three to four months of business over the past fortnight,” said
John Whittingham, sales manager for Evans Vanodine.


By Karen Higginbottom

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