More men would bed boss to get ahead

Men are
more likely to sleep with their managers to secure promotion at work, according
to a survey by online recruitment agency PlanetRecruit.

the men questioned, 72 per cent said they would be prepared to have sex with their
boss if it would secure promotion. Less than a third of the women said they
would do so.

surveyed 450 people using its website to find out how they have tried to get
ahead at work.

more men (62 per cent) than women (38 per cent) said they were happy to resort
to character assassination to secure better jobs. Furthermore, 70 per cent of
men were happy to take credit for someone else’s work.

Hayes, the report author at PlanetRecruit, said, “An interesting observation
from the finding was that the male respondents tended to be much more
aggressive in their anti-PC stance, with women feeling more comfortable
employing less obvious or more underhand career-enhancing tactics.”

women (54 per cent) than men were prepared to moan and gossip to win the
sympathy vote of their colleagues and undermine their bosses.

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