Doctors and nurses gain pay rises

Senior doctors have been given a 1% pay rise in NHS pay awards announced by the government.

The increase will climb to 2.2% in November, while nurses will receive a 2.5% rise and junior doctors a 2.2% rise from April.

The pay awards come amid growing concerns about job losses in the NHS because of large deficits run up by hospital trusts.

The Royal College of Nursing had been calling for a 3% pay increase for nurses, and warned that staff may stop doing unpaid overtime if they were offered less.

In last week’s Budget, Gordon Brown said public sector pay settlements would average 2.25% this year, with more than average for nurses.

NHS Employers, the employers’ organisation for the NHS, welcomed the announcement of the pay awards.

It said they would strike the right balance between appropriate pay rises and recognising local affordability in challenging financial circumstances.


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