DoH reveals surge in number of nurses

number of NHS nurses has risen by 8,000, according to official figures.

published today by the Department of Health also reveals a significant increase
in consultants and GP’s registrars in the six months to March 2002.

survey reports that:

the number of consultants reached 26,350 in March 2002, an increase of 660
since September 2001

the number of General Medical Practitioners increased to 30,860 in March 2002,
an increase of 170 since September 2001

there were 1,910 GP registrars in March 2002, a 2.7 per cent increase on an
annualised basis and 30 more than September 2001

there were an estimated 339,000 qualified nurses in March 2002, an increase of
8,000 since September 2001

NHS Plan set targets of 7,500 additional consultants, 2,000 GPs and 450 GP
Registrars (subsequently increased to 550) between 1999 and 2004.

addition there is a commitment to increase the number of doctors by 10,000 and
the number of nurses by 20,000 between 2000 and 2005.

Department of Health’s regular annual censuses of the NHS workforce is carried
out on 30 September each year. These new censuses of consultants and GPs as at
31 March have been introduced to provide more regular indicators of progress on
workforce numbers.

By Ben Willmott

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