Work-based stress affects nine in 10 people

out of 10 staff suffer from work-based stress due to working long hours,
according to research.

of employees work more than 35 hours a week while almost half regularly work
unpaid overtime, claims the survey by online travel company Opodo.

in 10 UK workers did not take any holiday last year while 20 per cent did not
take their full holiday entitlement.

six out of 10 staff never take a full lunch break and 55 per cent think about
work over the weekend.

Psychologist Professor Carry Cooper, said: “Employers have seriously got their
heads in the sand if they do not take immediate action. Staff are not going to
be productive if they do not get a long enough break and are so stressed that
when they do they still cannot switch off.”

total of 700 staff were polled.

By Paul Nelson

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