Dorset Police Select OrgPlus to Manage Organisation, Calculating ROI in Less than Twelve Months

HumanConcepts, the leading provider of workforce decision support solutions, today announced that Dorset Police has implemented OrgPlus to help its managers and HR team understand and maintain their organisational structure.  The organisation is using OrgPlus to monitor and update workforce changes including headcount and vacant positions for over 2,800 personnel.  Workforce data from Dorset Police’s main HR system populates OrgPlus to produce visual employee directories that reflect the most recent changes.  The system replaces a time consuming manual process for updating organisation charts.  The Force expects a return on investment within twelve months through time saved, reduced administration costs and more accurate workforce data.

The latest charts are published daily by the HR team on Microsoft SharePoint, enabling managers to view the organisation in an easy to read chart format containing the latest HR information.  Senior managers and HR personnel use OrgPlus to view the number of direct reports, positions vacant and headcount across the organisation.

OrgPlus allows managers and HR at Dorset Police to check visually that records regarding workflow are correct much more effectively than by inspecting the underlying data.  OrgPlus also saves time by providing easy access to information reflecting data that is held in the Force’s main HR database.  It also provides information to managers regarding absenses and sick days, helping the Force to be more accountable as an organisation.

Nick Power, e-HR Officer at Dorset Police said, “Using OrgPlus has supported us in our drive to manage our costs and improve the quality of our data.  Since implementing the solution, we have saved one day each week maintaining organisational charts.  They now reflect an accurate picture of our staffing headcounts and where there may be vacant posts, helping our division and line managers to make informed workforce planning decisions.”

He continued, “As a visual tool, there is no doubt that OrgPlus has made a significant difference to us as an organisation.  We estimate that OrgPlus will privde a return on investment within twelve months through improved visiblity, data accuracy and accountability.”

Gill Daniels, Director of EMEA West at HumanConcepts commented, “HumanConcepts’ solutions help organisations like Dorset Police, with many different divisions and requirements, to quickly visualise how their structure is formed and organised.  It enables them to understand their workforce, plan for and manage workforce change and meet legislation.  Managers can drill down to view HR details to help them make informed decisions that benefit both staff and the organisation.”


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