Drivers to ignore mobile-phone ban

than a third of drivers will flout the new ban on using hand-held mobile
phones, according to new research.

RAC Foundation found that 38 per cent of drivers plan to continue using their
mobile phones while at the wheel, despite the Government’s warning that they
will receive a £30 fine if they are caught.

1,000 motorists took part in the survey, which reveals just 31 per cent are
prepared to use hands-free phone kits to stay within the law, which comes into
force on 1 December.

the new law, employers who knowingly allow staff to use hand-held phones to
take calls while driving could also face prosecution.

King, executive director of the RAC Foundation, said: "We hope these
drivers see some sense as driving with a mobile phone is not smart.

actions could hit them in the wallet – if they don’t hit another car
first," he added.

By Michael Millar

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