DTI must block ‘free route to full-time work’

DTI has been urged to rethink changes aimed at making it easier for temporary
workers to become permanent employees by Team, the association of independent
recruitment firms.

month, industry minister Alan Johnson announced alterations to the Employment
Agencies Act Regulations which Team claims lack clarity.

the reform, a company will not be charged a transfer fee by an agency if it
recruits a person previously employed as a temporary worker, providing the
permanent contract starts at least eight weeks after the original hiring
finishes. Team would prefer a 14-week limit, as it believes employers may use
the eight-week period as a free recruitment route for permanent staff.

Garbett, chief executive of Team, is pleased the Government has taken the views
of industry into account, but said, “We would urge the DTI not to spend a
little longer to produce clear regulations that are non-bureaucratic and fair
to an industry which has contributed more than any other in getting the jobless
total below 1 million.”

also criticised part of the regulations that will mean recruitment firms will
not be able to delay paying a temporary worker even if they do not produce a
signed timesheet.

DTI spokesperson said, “The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has
said it recognises this as a reasonable compromise that enables agencies to
protect their interest while the Government has protected those of temporary

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