DTI publishes proposals for anti-discrimination merger

Commission for Racial Equality, the Disability Rights Commission and the Equal
Opportunities Commission are to be merged to create a new Commission for
Equality and Human Rights.

a White paper to be published today, the DTI proposes a consolidation of all
existing laws on race, disability and gender equality, to form a comprehensive
anti-discrimination law.

new body is expected to support individual cases, develop good practice among
employers, and promote human rights standards and values.

Employers Forum on Age (EFA) has welcomed the Government’s plans. Sam Mercer,
director, said: "EFA members recognise the advantage of having a single
body which deals with each of the equality strands. However, there are also
important differences between each of the equality strands which must be
recognised within the structure of the commission. A one size fits all approach
will not work.

must be expertise on each issue to enable employers to access the detailed
information they will need to go beyond compliance with the regulations to
achieving equality and diversity," Mercer added.

By Mike Berry

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