DTI unveils fund to lure scientists to the UK

A £4m
annual fund has been set up to attract the world’s top scientists to UK

fund, a partnership between the DTI and charity Wolfson Foundation, could
result in overseas scientists who teach in Britain earning up to £100,000 a

have been invited to bid for the awards, that could provide a £75,000 a year
top-up to scientists’ basic salaries.

fund will attract the best scientists around the world and develop the UK’s
scientific potential," said a DTI spokesperson.

scheme, which was announced as part of last year’s "Science and
Innovation" White Paper, is expected to be fully operational for the start
of the 2001 academic year.

grants, administrated by the Royal Society, are titled the Wolfson-Royal
Society Research Merit Awards.

lot of our top scientists have moved to America. I believe that this scheme
will help us keep the talent that we have in this country and hopefully bring
back those who have left," said Sir Eric Ash, treasurer and vice-president
of the Royal Society.



By Paul Nelson                

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