Dull meeting? I’d rather see the dentist

A quarter of US workers would rather go to the dentist than attend a boring meeting, according to new research.

While employees value effective meetings, they would do almost anything to get out of an ineffective one. Mowing the lawn and washing the kitchen floor were seen as preferable alternatives.

However, the survey of 1,000 workers by conferencing firm Genesys, suggests that meetings – if conducted quickly and efficiently – would actually be embraced.

Almost 80 per cent found team meetings to be useful for getting and sharing the information they need, but 70 per cent wanted meetings that were better organised, and 44 per cent of workers said they would like quicker meetings.

When asked who they thought would be best at running a meeting, US tycoon Donald Trump beat all competitors with 46 per cent of the vote. President George Bush came third with 15 per cent.

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