E-biz toolbox: Mailing lists, newsletters and e-mail alerts

Don’t confuse mailing lists with junk e-mail or spam. The
former you actively request by signing up for it while the latter lands in your
inbox unsolicited.

Mailing lists are a great way to receive regular,
up-to-the-minute information in a particular area. Many on-line magazines
(sometimes called webzines or ezines) and information-driven sites offer the
facility to sign up to a mailing list or newsletter. You simply fill out a form
on the site (some ask for little more than name and e-mail address) and the
mailing list will be sent regularly – daily, weekly, monthly, depending on its

Some sites also send out e-mail alerts (think of them as
news flashes by e-mail) when there is an important announcement.

To unsubscribe click on a box on the list, which tells the
contents editor you no longer want the service.

There are no limits to the number you can sign up for.
Professional industry ones include (www.hr-expert.co.uk – you can sign up for a
free four-week trial – and www.hrnetwork.co.uk) or try www.liszt.com as a
central resource covering the entire Web.

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