E-learning being adopted by more blue chips

Four our of ten blue chip companies are currently
implementing e-learning, according to research.

It shows that 19 per cent of respondents are implementing
e-learning on an enterprise-wide basis, while 23 per cent are introducing
computer-based learning to a limited number of departments.

The survey by e-learning company EBC shows that only 16 per
cent claim that that they have no plans to introduce e-learning.

The main drivers are to increase profits and to personalise
training. Twenty-one per cent of respondents cite these two answers. To reach
more employees and to reduce the training budget are the next most popular options
on 17 per cent. One-in-ten companies turn to e-learning to train more staff

Robin Hoyle, evangelist at EBC, said, “Evidently UK
businesses appreciate the benefit of e-learning in terms of providing new ways
of training, which will add value to the business by equipping their staff with
new skills.”

He continued, “The danger of seeing e-learning in terms of
saving money and time alone, is that companies forget the e-learning cannot,
and should not even attempt to replace instructor led training. UK companies
are beginning to recognise that e-learning is a powerful and efficient training
method, which needs to be blended into the training process.”

EBC polled 100 blue chip companies.

By Paul Nelson

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