GLA to cut travel costs to help London’s workers

Mayor Ken Livingstone has announced a freeze on transport costs and fare cuts
in an effort to reduce travelling to work costs in the city.

currently pay on average pay £1,456 per year on transport, which is double what
workers in some other UK cities have to pay.

workers are even worse off, as they are often unable to benefit from monthly or
yearly season tickets, creating travel costs of up to 16% of their annual

Greater London Authority has announced that it will be freezing fares on much
of its transport network and introducing a new all-day travel card following
recent calls by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry for concessions for
part-time workers.

two-thirds of London firms are currently experiencing difficulties finding
staff at all levels and the GLA hopes that lower travel expenses for part-time
workers will help to ease the problem.

spokesperson for the GLA said “We are working hard to make public transport in
London accessible to as many people as possible.

are introducing an all-day travel card at the beginning of next year which will
be ideal for workers who only have to come into the City once or twice a week
and do not want to have to buy a full week travel pass.”

changes to be introduced in 2002 will be a reduction in the cost of weekly
all-zone bus passes and a freeze on most bus and tube fares for a further year.

Robert De La Poer

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