Eager keen to break through barriers to progression

new study has revealed that workers are eager to improve their professional and
personal development, despite the barriers they have to overcome to do so.

study, by e-learning provider SkillSoft, claims that pressure of workload
and/or lack of time was cited as the main barrier to professional development.

in the workplace and lack of management support and encouragement were also
cited as reasons preventing staff taking full advantage of the e-learning
opportunities open to them.

good news for employers is that, despite these constraints, more than
two-thirds of respondents are taking responsibility for their own development
and finding the time and motivation to learn at their desks.

Young, managing director of SkillSoft, said: "Managers ought to be
considering how much more effective their teams could be if the organisational
culture encouraged the provision of dedicated time in which to learn


By Mike Berry

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