Ear to the ground

Guru is back skirting round a story which is true, but could get him into big trouble if the combatants were named…

Which HR department in a well-known multinational cut the Gordian Knot of Redundancy using one of their own HR staff as the guinea pig?

The company wanted to get rid of one of its HR employees and couldn’t quite work out how to do it. There were no grounds for dismissal, and the worker in question had served at the company for more than 30 years.

The enlightened HR director decided normal redundancy procedures were not for him, and one sunny day, he had the shocked employee marched from the premises and told not to come back because “her job had changed”. He then proceeded to offer her a very generous package to keep quiet, which would probably outweigh a tribunal payout. Her entreaties that she was unlikely to get another job due to her age, and that this would decimate her pension fund, fell on deaf ears.

The phrase ‘practise what you preach’ springs to mind. You know who you are…

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