Eastjet’s HR director flies to pastures new

EasyJet’s HR director Graham Abbey is leaving the company and will be
replaced by an interim HR director, following the airline’s merger with former
rival Go.

Abbey will leave imminently to set up his own HR consultancy business.

He said: "We have substantially completed the integration of Go and
what is required now is to set up new pieces of work and projects. This is
actually a very sensible time for me to go."

Abbey has been replaced by interim HR director Stephen Connock, who will
hold the position for six months while a permanent replacement is found.

During the next six months, business development director Mike Cooper and
operations director Vilhelm Hahn-Petersen will also leave the airline, once the
integration is fully complete.

Abbey’s consultancy will be called March Friday and will focus on developing
the HR function.

It aims to redress what he sees as a shortage of strategic and
change-orientated HR professionals.

"The technical development of HR has come a long way in the last 10
years, but what isn’t as strong is the development of commercial people –
people that can make change happen," he said.

Abbey’s second management book is to be published later this month.

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