Electronic communication is overtaking personal contact

contact is waning in business, with a majority of managers having a business
relationship with someone they have never spoken to, let alone met, according
to a new survey.

Global Services (XGS) questioned more than 500 managers from a range of UK
companies. It found that 83 per cent of the respondents agreed that by
communicating primarily in electronic format instead of talking, such as by
e-mail and text message, people could lose their sense of verbal interaction.

survey showed that respondents under the age of 30 were least likely to view
electronic communication as having a detrimental effect on people’s social
skills, suggesting that the trend towards "faceless relationships"
may well continue.

Hopwood, UK
director of XGS, said: “The findings indicate a tendency to overuse e-mail,
when talking can often be more efficient. E-mail is important, but users need
to think through whether it is the most appropriate communication method. It
would be worrying if people became over-dependent on one single communication

Michael Millar 


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