Emailogic Interactive: Effective Email

Format: E-learning, CD-Rom, or interactive DVD
Price: Licence price dependent on product
Balance Learning

Balance Learning has developed this course in partnership with Emailogic, and it is an interactive version of an award-winning seminar by the latter.

Featuring a video presentation by e-mail expert Marc Powell, the course is supplemented with interactive exercises, animations and examples of good practice.

The package comes with a printable 12-page reference book, which provides summaries, exercises and examples to help users to put lessons from the course into practice.

I worked through the course and found it a moderately useful reminder in e-mail etiquette. It was a helpful prompt in dealing with issues such as assumptions and potential ambiguities, and it takes an upbeat approach.

I felt that it would be of greatest benefit to young employees and new starters – those who probably haven’t followed the more traditional lessons in school about manners and writing letters. Or anyone from the texting generation who is prone to sending messages without thinking of their impact.

An added benefit is that the course aims to help organisations save time by coaching their employees to use e-mail more effectively, and is said to save them 29 minutes a day.

I would recommend that employers try the online pilot of Emailogic Interactive for 10 employees, which, at time of writing, has been introduced at a special price of £600. The company will refund the cost if the results do not demonstrate an overall improvement in the way e-mail is used within the pilot group. This would be the best way to gauge if the course has the right tone for your organisation.

Relevance? ****
Interactivity? ****
Value for money? ****

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