Employees search for new opportunities as soon as glass ceiling looms

who come up against a ‘glass ceiling’ in their workplace are more likely to
immediately begin a job search rather than discuss with their immediate manager
or the HR department, a new survey shows.

According the survey by global recruitment consultancy
Robert Walters more than three-quarters start looking for a job if they come to
halt in their career progression.

these people, 40 per cent said that they would also raise the issue with their
immediate manager.

Major, director of HR recruitment at Robert Walters in the UK
said: “It is an entirely natural reaction for employees to begin dipping their
toe in the employment market when faced with a glass ceiling. However, in my
experience this is usually done in parallel to making tentative approaches to
line management”.

also noted that “in organisations with forward-thinking HR functions, where
talent management, management development and succession planning initiatives
are the norm, employees are more likely to also discuss their career path and
personal development with HR.”

By Quentin Reade



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