£37,000 will do nicely

the typical UK
employee, £37,000 a year is the dream annual salary.

shows most people said they would be happier earning just an extra £1,000 a

means the typical worker – on an average salary of £25,000 a year – would be
content with an extra £12,000, or £37,000 in total.

of those asked said they would be happier with their lives if they could earn
the magic £37,000.

10 per cent of the UK’s
workers feel they are struggling to make ends meet and more than 25 per cent
feel their salary does not allow them to live the lifestyle they want, the
majority do not want lottery-style salaries to make them happy.

Ripton, of the Alliance
& Leicester, which commissioned the research said: "Although a
minority of us feel we earn enough to be able to do everything we want, as a
nation we have realistic expectations of how much more money we would like to
earn to make our lives easier.

certainly don’t have any lavish dreams of millionaire salaries," he added.

the survey, based on the responses of 2,000 people, showed that money is the
most common daydream for 28 per cent of people. Fifty per cent think about it
at least once a day and people who earn the most – more than £60,000 – dwell on
it most.

By Daniel Thomas





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