Employees see lunch at work as a luxury

The average working lunch is now just 19 minutes and 42 seconds with many office workers skipping it altogether, according to a recent survey.

One in four office staff take no break at all and almost two-thirds of the 1,500 employees surveyed said that working through their lunch had a positive effect on how they were viewed by bosses and colleagues.

Almost half of workers viewed colleagues who frequently went out to lunch as uncommitted to their jobs.

Seven in 10 people said they ate lunch at their desk and more than a quarter said they were annoyed by colleagues who had more time to take lunch breaks than they do.

Almost three-quarters of employees questioned also said that lunch was their unhealthiest meal of the day and a third claimed that they could not buy healthy food near their offices.

Suzie Cox, brand manager for Post-it notes, which commissioned the research, said: “Reminding yourself to take a lunch break makes all the difference in ensuring you stick to a healthy lifestyle.”

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