Employees show lack of expectation for basic work benefits

than half of the UK’s employees do not feel entitled to basic workplace
courtesies, such as being able to talk to their colleagues about anything other
than work, according to new research.

study by youatwork, Royal & SunAlliance’s employee benefits division,
reveals that nearly half of workers do not expect to be able to use the office
telephone for private calls and more than half are restricted from personal use
of the internet and e-mail, even in their own time while at work.

Callaghan, managing director of youatwork, said: "The pressures of the modern
working environment are clearly taking their toll. Employers need to be careful
not to throw the baby out with the bath water in their bid to increase
productivity. Our study suggests that many are imposing Draconian measures and
risk undermining morale which could have a serious impact on

the other perks or benefits that employees would expect as a matter of course,
staff discounts (47 per cent of those surveyed) and free refreshments (61 per
cent) rated highly, as did a staff canteen (47 per cent) and air conditioning
(55 per cent).


By Ben Willmott

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