Employer wins fastest chip wrapper award during National Chip Week

A greased-lightning Edinburgh employer this month bagged a world productivity record when he wrapped 10 portions of chips in 60 seconds.

Showing bosses everywhere how to lead from the front, chip shop owner Selim Sener was videoed winning the National Chip Week event in record time.

Apparently, rivals from Glasgow and Stirling tried their best to ketchup with him but Sener battered them with his fry-tning pace.

Proving that practical workplace training is the key to success, Sener revealed that he “did get in a bit of practice over the weekend”. And highlighting the value of experience, he put his wrapping speed down to 17 years of facing crowds of hungry post-pubbers and clubbers in Edinburgh every night. It was probably more down to being in the right plaice at the right time.


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