Employers are urged to value work experience students

are being warned not to ignore the value of students coming into their business
on work experience.

half a million students will be looking for work experience this summer and Liz
Rhodes, director of the National Council for Work Experience (NCWE), is urging
companies to make the most of a valuable resource.

work experience students provide the perfect resource to tackle projects, or
free-up a permanent member of staff to progress them. They also provide access
to university resources and bring knowledge of new technologies that may
otherwise pass a company by," she said.

NCWE claims that work experience students can help companies save time and
money and Rhodes suggested that as an outsider they often spot new

have anecdotal evidence of work placement students who have really turned
companies around with their innovative thinking. If employers provide a good
brief and adequate support, they will reap the benefits," she added.

can be arranged independently or as part of a degree course, such as sandwich
schemes, projects or professional practice and often lead to permanent job

NCWE has issued a set of guidelines to ensure organisations get the most out of
work experience placements:

Set objectives at the outset

Employers should explore financial support, such as the STEP programme, which
could help with any costs

The level of supervision needs to be related to the degree of responsibility given
to the student

If paid, students are subject to the same tax and NI regulations as any other


By Ross Wigham

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