Employers can save money without making redundancies

Using mediation at any stage of a proposed cost cutting review can help employers and employees reach agreement about proposed cost cutting including redundancies and even provide an opportunity to find other ways to save costs, says The Mediation Chambers. 

Mediation facilitates discussion between the employer and employee(s) so they can communicate effectively and reach agreed outcomes.

The mediator is highly skilled in helping parties to explore and identify alternatives in order to avoid job losses or to minimise the impact on both the employee and the employer should they be necessary.

Mediation is a confidential and without prejudice process which can be tailored to suit the circumstances and organisation. 

Most mediations are completed in just one day.
Commenting, Amanda Bucklow, Mediator and Member of In Place of Strife, The Mediation Chambers, said:
“Businesses are preparing for the changes that are due in April 2009 with the new Employment Act and most employers are aware that mediation is strongly recommended for managing employment and workplace disputes.

“However, I am not sure how well people understand what a powerful process mediation is for dealing with problems early which can help avoid a crisis, or for addressing the underlying causes.

“I have conducted many successful mediations where employers and employees were able to resolve disputes early and identify wider improvements for the business at the same time.”
Commenting, Mark Jackson-Stops, Mediator and Head of Chambers at In Place of Strife, The Mediation Chambers, said:

“Mediation is becoming a popular tool for employers to use when dealing with potential conflicts with employees. This is due to its effective way of negotiating a solution where both employer and employee decide the outcome.

“It is entirely private, avoiding unwelcome publicity and is a cost effective way of resolving disputes both for the individuals concerned and the business.”

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